Upload Information

This is a basic upload page and the following information is intended as a guide to help you through the process. We are still correcting errors that sometimes occur so we really appreciate your patience.

Image Upload

Image Shape – Our website functions more smoothly with horizontal rectangles. Other shaped images may work as well.

File formats – JPEG and PNG are our favoured file format.

Image Size – Anything below 1000PX (Horizontal) or 700PX (Vertical) is too small. Don’t worry if your image is very large. It can always be resized!

Sound Upload

File formats – All of the sound on our website is in the MP3 or OGG file format. We understand that this is not the best way to hear the true quality of sound recordings and compositions but it is currently the only way we have of audio playback. Wav and Aiff files can be uploaded but they will be converted to MP3 or OGG if your proposal is successful.

Upload Complete

You will be notified by the web page if your upload has been successful. If you have problems then let us know via our contact page. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible.