Sound Art Token / Field Recording Token

These tokens have been created to unlock the value in the Sono Space ecosystem. They give multiple incentives to participation and they are the first steps to making Sono Space a self-funding sound archive. They are limited to 21 million in number and they can be collected, traded and used to fund the operation and success of Sono Space.

The tokens act as a medium of exchange within the Sono Space project. They store real economic value and can be exchanged into other currencies. Furthermore, all profits from commercial activities will be used to buy back our own tokens. Moving forward, contributors will be paid in tokens. Also, projects will be funded through token distribution.

We can break down the tokens’ use cases like this:

  1. Store of value – Fungible, scarce in number and with real world use cases.
  2. Governance – Token holders are eligible to vote on some aspects of the project.
  3. Tradable Asset – Buy and sell on the Relayx exchange.
  4. Bonus Eligibility – All token holders will be well-placed to receive future airdrops from Sono Space.

The tokens were minted on the Bitcoin SV blockchain and can be purchased on the RelayX exchange.

Sound Art Token

Field Recording Token