Following the success of the first volume of Sound Maps For The Dreamer we are now building up to release volume 2 in the series. The guidelines for entry are featured below.

Maps have always been a fascinating way to pass the time as well as a useful tool for navigating a territory. The digital age gave us even more chance to easily locate specific locations or simply to drift off into the exact details of our planet.

For a long time now we have had sound maps which use the framework digital maps provide to tag field recordings to their exact Geo-location. At Sonospace we are taking a different approach. We are looking backwards to the paper maps of long ago. We are linking sounds and compositions from non-related audio recordings to these maps. Re-imagining the world in an artistic and completely fictional way.

So, following the launch of Sonospace Maps at the beginning of 2017 we are now ready to accept submissions for participation.  Come with us to map the world with our heart and paint a sonic vision of places we may never visit.

Guidlines For Submissions

1 image file of a map. Please include a title for the piece if the map doesn’t contain one. We are looking for small maps with a clear and specific target area. Entire maps of continents or the planet will not be accepted.

1 field recording or manipulated composition based on a field recording. Only wav and aiff audio formats will be accepted. These can be in any bit depth or frequency range you like. Just no mp3 recordings please. Also, files must be no shorter than 3 minutes and no longer than 25 minutes in length.

Deadline – This is an ongoing open call. Highlights and compilation albums will be made available for general release as we go and with your permission and consent.


Send everything to us ( If your submission is successful we will do the rest and add your piece to our website map archive.


If you have any doubts, ideas or queries about the guidelines then please get in touch and we can discuss things further.

Once again, none of the sounds have to originate from the location provided by the map.

Exact location, Geo-tagged sound may be accepted although it is not the general purpose of this open-call.

Finally, there is no guideline to the age of the map. If you like it and we like it then it has the potential to be part of the project.

Join us, the imagined is the real at Sonospace.

Harry Sumner