Sound Maps – Curator’s Notes


Sound Maps For The Dreamer – Did the power of the paper map diminish with the arrival of the digital map? How can documentary, art and geography exist together in harmony? These two strange questions formed the basis of my curiosity when starting the collection. Also, fatigue from the various sound mapping projects that have emerged over the last ten years. All of the sound map projects I followed or investigated seemed interesting but not what I was looking for. The beauty of cartography seemed a bit lost in the coldness of the modern map. This definitely influenced our sound map project. What was real and what was not, seemed to be details to be overlooked.

Some of the sounds were recorded in the location of the maps and others were imagined combinations, with the artists combining sounds from a completely different location to the map they presented. In the interest of minimalism rather than deception, this information is not made available to the public. I am sure if you want more information regarding each map, the artist responsible will probably tell you. Anyway, I saw no difference and all are housed together in the same category of the website. This may all change in the future and with the part 3 in the series finished it feels like a chapter has closed. The questions remain unanswered and the journey continues.

Harry Sumner