Sonospace Open Call – Soundmaps For The Dreamer Part 3 – Deadline 31st of July

Help us continue the success of the Soundmaps For The Dreamer series. We are looking for sound artists and field recordists to contribute to our sound map project. We will be releasing many of the highlights in a digital album in our bandcamp shop.

The format for the series remains the same. Like our previous editions we will be publishing all of the maps with their accompanying sound recording on the Sonospace website. 

To participate you will need to send to us a wav/aiff audio file of a field recording or compsotion based on field recordings. Also, you will need to send an image file of a map. Please do not send screen shots of a digital map. We are looking for old maps or artist designed maps. The deadline for submissions is 31/07/2019. 

Some of our maps are representative of the geographical location that the sound was recorded and some are not. Real or unreal we want to hear from you.

If you have any questions please contact us here.

Please send your submissions to