Sonospace is a sound archive and audio publisher which was founded in London, U.K in 2012. It is a digital resource involved with the research and documentation of field recording and sound art.

We release sound editions and audio documents, digitally through our website. This divides into multiple categories; the home page presents the sound archive, drop down menus lead to web-based audio/visual exhibitions, digital releases and individual artist pages. Throughout the platform we draw inspiration from the principles and ideology behind  contemporary art galleries and installation spaces.

The word “Sono” comes from the Latin word for sound, “Sonus”, and in modern English it signifies that something is related to sound. The name Sonospace is a reflection of the work we present and the method we choose to display it. A space for the work to breathe and a place to find considered categorisation and a minimal style of presentation.

The archive and label are curated by Harry Sumner. He is a sound artist from the United Kingdom and has a long association with music, design and sound. Additional web design comes from Ivan Bachev and visual art and photography contribution comes principally from Robert Sherrill and Jamie Hladky.

Sonospace is interconnected with our sister project, “Exhibitspace”. This paltform presents the work of photographers and painters from in and around the world of Sonospace.