2019 and Beyond

We are coming to the end of our eighth year of activity and it is with great satisfaction that I take stock of the health of the project. This year saw us release 23 new sound editions and, year on year, the project has grown in size and in quality. We stand by our founding declaration, to document, create and inspire the world around us as a digital sound archive, label and gallery. So far, this has been completely in the digital domain however keep an eye out for our first steps into curated events and exhibitions which are planned for later in 2020.

Sono Space was founded in the U.K and it now resides in Portugal. This has allowed us to grow significantly. Portugal is a stimulating place and there is a tremendous feeling of positivity that accompanies art and culture here. For anyone who feels frustrated with their county, I really recommend Portugal and its neighbour, Spain. The Iberian peninsula has so much to offer. If you haven’t been already, check it out!

Moving on, I am happy to say we increased the number of new contributors and featured both young and established sound artists in our collection. It has been refreshing because Sono Space, like so much of the world, was becoming a closed club for men. Since 2018 we have slowly been welcoming more and more female artists into the project. Furthermore, these artists have contributed some of the best work we have published.

Also, apart from the Sono Space website, Bandcamp is the only place where our collection is available to stream. Lot’s of people have been migrating to Spotify and other streaming platforms and we will continue to stay away. I feel that Spotify is just another incarnation of I-Tunes and doesn’t represent the spirit of our work. As long as bandcamp doesn’t change its current terms and conditions drastically then we will continue to feel at home there. A real community has started to build and it is a pleasure to see the sound and music cultures blossom in the hands of the creators. Sadly, for fans of physical releases, we will still be operating a digital only release format. I have lived in many places over the last ten years and this has contributed to my decision. Carrying around vinyl and CD/Tape collections wasn’t feasible. Also, I am saddened by the pollution of the textile industry which means no branded clothing will be on its way soon.

Finally, it has not escaped my attention that the planet has been going through some tough times politically, ecologically and socially. Art and culture is one of the things that can hold us together and keep extreme politics at bay. Let’s go brothers and sisters, let’s smash it out the park. Let’s keep making the world a beautiful and inspiring place to be. We are alive and we have the power to take this world to new heights. Join us and together we will bring a smile to the unhappy and inspiration to the depressed.

Harry Sumner