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Sound archive for the people. Sonospace documents the sonic landscape around us. From the sound of the city to the rustling of the trees in a far off forest we are inspired by our planet’s natural and man made soundscape.

Established in London, U.K in 2012 as a documentary sound recording project. Our digital sound archive has since evolved into an online audio tool for the sound enthusiast and an audio library for the recreational use of the global sound community.

Along with sound we feature music from the styles we feel most relevant and in fitting with our sound library’s design and ethos. Feel free to discover new artists in the website music categories and jump off to the artist’s own pages to investigate them further.

Also, you will find writing from journalists from around the world who are interested in the planet and want to share their findings with you. Wherever we can we link our articles with the sound archive. 

Furthermore, our angle into the world of sound is anthropological and geographical in nature.  We feel passionately about the world and strive to explore her sonic and visual landscape positively and ethically.

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Finally, our mission is to document, create and inspire the world. We exhibit, collect, present, and share our findings for all to enjoy. Whether, through articles in our magazine or through sound music and photography in our archives.